NaClO APPAREL was created by Jamie Williams & Charles Royals in the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine. The pair left their lives in Brooklyn & LA to move back home to North Carolina during the height of the pandemic and within a week of their stay realized that they were ill equipped for the months of "staying inside" to come. With only a weeks worth of clothes each, the two put their creativity together to figure out a way to outfit themselves for the foreseeable future.


This creativity birthed NaClO APPAREL, a collection of vibrant loungewear that has now blossomed into a growing community and product assortment. The brands goal is to bring fun, colorful, and playful loungewear to all people regardless of size or age.


The brand currently stocks sizes from small to 5XL in most of their assortment and have the goal of expanding their size range up to 7XL. The brands primarily uses bleach processing to create its signature patterns. The brand continues to grow and express creativity through this processing medium.

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